Monthly Archives: November 2014

Birmingham City Council Reveals 20 Year Transport Strategy

This week Birmingham City Council revealed a 20 years transport strategy to modernize the City’s transport network. Three new tramlines and a new motorway going through the city are among the proposals.

The plan titled Birmingham Connect aims to cut congestion in the City, create better liks within the communities and promote economic growth.

The developments are a much needed upgrade to the city congested and over loaded transport network currently in place. With many people using cabs such as to get around, especially during rush hour.

There are also plans to build an additional 51,000 new homes to house the City’s fast growing population, which will by 150,000 by 2031.

Concern Over Changes In Law For Mini Cabs

Councillor Sarah Hacker has raised concerns over proposed changes to the law regulating the use of Private Hire Vehicles in Reading.

The proposed changes would allow anyone to drive the cab when it is off duty and would also allow taxi firms to subcontract their work if they are unable to do it themselves. However Councillor Sarah Hacker has said that such changes would endanger passengers.

She said people would be unable to know when a cab is off duty and secondly, potentially opening the way for vulnerable passengers to be in danger of abuse especially children, women and the elderly.

Currently mini cab companies are required to be operated by regulated drivers on pre-booked journeys.